At OBC, the purpose of our kitchen is to create exciting food that is delicious, fun and nourishing. The menu is designed to share food easily with your friends and family, making every table like it’s own dinner party!

Our Executive Chef, Nick Tall strives for balance in our food, from decadent to healthy and inspiring to familiar. With a career that stretches four countries and three continents, he brings inspirations from his travels that are creative yet simple, allowing the ingredients to shine.

We are a from scratch kitchen that supports local farms, Non-GMO produce, humane agriculture and sustainable food sources. We condemn factory farming, commodity meats, the use of growth hormones and harmful antibiotics. We are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint through the use of biodegradable and compostable materials. All of our top quality ingredients may cost a bit more, but remember, “you are what you eat” and you’re worth it.